New Lights

Replacing Underwater Lights

We have recently replaced the underwater lights at a client’s pool with new stainless steel housings and LED lights. LED lights have many advantages;

cheaper to run, up to 80%,

longer lifetime, on average 5 years plus when run for 12 hours a day,

they don’t heat up.

The most common cause of failure with halogen lights is from heat resulting in pressure building up in the housing, causing the casing to expand around the seals. This allows water to leak into the casing, fusing the bulbs or causing a short circuit and the main distributor board to fail.

Pool Service

Replacing the lights in a pool can easily be combined with an overhaul of the filtration system used in your pool. Our Servicing regime involves;

• monitoring the chemicals in the water to ensure that they are at the required healthy levels,

general cleaning of the pool (e.g. brushing, vacuuming),

• washing and re-grouting mosaic tiles,

• checking the performance of filters and pumps,

cleaning pool covers and surrounding areas.

Providing you with the piece of mind on the quality of the water in your pool and a great looking pool that sparkles.

Servicing this today. #spa #infinityedge #pool

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Replacing the lights in your pool or spa is a great way to give it a fresh new look, combine this with a full service from Specialist Pools Services and your pool will sparkle, looking better than when it was first commissioned.

Why not give Phil a call today on 07500 112041 to discuss replacing the lights in your pool?



We Are Hiring

Specialist Pools Services

We are leaders in the swimming pool industry in the South East of England, we are based in Tadworth, Surrey. We design imaginative swimming pools & spas, constructed to a high specification, that met the exacting standards set out by PWTAG (Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group). Attention to detail is a priority throughout every project and our excellent aftercare ensures your pool or spa is maintained in tip-top condition.

The Person

Specialist Pools Services has a great record of developing and retaining staff. We recruit the best professionals in the pool industry along with talented young people wishing to become pool service engineers. We are passioniate about investing in the training and development of our people, providing on the job coaching and training for formal qualifications. If you are keen to make a career in the pool industry, contact us for more information about current openings.

We are always looking to recruit the right person, on a full-time, permanent basis. The individual will need no experience in the swimming pool or spa industry but must be keen, reliable and able to think outside of the box. Full training will be provided.

How to Apply

If you know someone that might be interested or are interesterd yourself, please contact Phil in the first instance.


Happy Customers

Quick update from Phil of Specialist Pools Services on a couple of jobs completed during October 2016.

Replacement of a leaking filter

We had to cut out and replaced a leaking filter on a hydrotherapy pool in a private health club in Chelsea. This was made especially difficult as the plant room was 2 floors underground and the leaking filter was obstructed by many other pieces of plant room equipment.

Repaired filter on a hydrotherapy pool.


However, it all went to plan and the manager was extremely happy as we had advised the hydro pool would have to be closed for 7 days while we carried out this work, and we were delighted to open the fully working spa after only 4 days of downtime. One very happy customer.

Plant Room Install

We  also completed a plant room installation in a private residence in Chelsea, without drama and within the specified time. This was an OSPA system, far more complicated than a basic plant room install. Another happy customer.

About Phil Stevens

Phil has been in the Swimming Pool business for nearly 20 years, 10 of these years were spent with one of the best pool construction companies in London, whilst he was with them he lead the team in the construction of many swimming pools and spas.

Phil established his own company, Specialist Pools Services, in 2016, in Tadworth, Surrey and tells anyone who will listen that his first company vehicle was a motorbike and not a scooter.

Phil continues to lead the company, ensuring that the service delivered is the best,  he is a Member of the Institute of Swimming Pool Engineers (ISPE).