Emergency Response

WhatsApp Us for Emergency Response

We offer a 24hour call-out service – available for all pool related or flooding issues. The WhatsApp link on our website, connects directly to our 24hours a day monitored phone.  

Click the WhatsApp logo for 24hr call-out

Zero Downtime Service

We offer zero downtime for all commercial facilities, whatever the issue, we carry the spares and resources to get your pool or spa reopened as quickly as possible.

At Specialist Pools Services, our engineers always carry chemical dosing pumps and injectors, ensuring your pool or spa stays open, regardless of the issue
Part  of Special Pools Services zero downtime response kit.

At Specialist Pools Services, our team of engineers always carry a new complete chemical dosing pump and injector on board our vans.

If you need a pump in an emergency, give us a call, an engineer could be onsite within an hour to install it, whatever chemical controller you have.

Contact Us
If you want 24/7 Emergency Cover or our Zero Downtime Service for your pool or spa – call us NOW on 07500 112041, or via our contact form, to discuss how Specialist Pools Services could help you.