Happy Customers

Quick update from Phil of Specialist Pools Services on a couple of jobs completed during October 2016.

Replacement of a leaking filter

We had to cut out and replaced a leaking filter on a hydrotherapy pool in a private health club in Chelsea. This was made especially difficult as the plant room was 2 floors underground and the leaking filter was obstructed by many other pieces of plant room equipment.

Repaired filter on a hydrotherapy pool.


However, it all went to plan and the manager was extremely happy as we had advised the hydro pool would have to be closed for 7 days while we carried out this work, and we were delighted to open the fully working spa after only 4 days of downtime. One very happy customer.

Plant Room Install

We  also completed a plant room installation in a private residence in Chelsea, without drama and within the specified time. This was an OSPA system, far more complicated than a basic plant room install. Another happy customer.

About Phil Stevens

Phil has been in the Swimming Pool business for nearly 20 years, 10 of these years were spent with one of the best pool construction companies in London, whilst he was with them he lead the team in the construction of many swimming pools and spas.

Phil established his own company, Specialist Pools Services, in 2016, in Tadworth, Surrey and tells anyone who will listen that his first company vehicle was a motorbike and not a scooter.

Phil continues to lead the company, ensuring that the service delivered is the best,  he is a Member of the Institute of Swimming Pool Engineers (ISPE).