I can see clearly now…

To the bottom of my pool

The most common causes of cloudy swimming pool water are improper filtration, insufficient water circulation or flow rate, poor pool water chemistry.

Properly balanced swimming pool water chemistry is the single most important factor in maintaining a healthy and safe swimming environment. A correct water balance protects bathers and increases the life of the pool plant equipment and fittings.

There are a number of factors that contribute to balancing pool water.

• pH,
• Total Alkalinity,
• Calcium Hardness,
• Temperature,
• Total Dissolved Solids (TDS).

At Specialist Pools Services we know the clarity of pool water is critical. You must be able to see clearly the bottom of the pool at its deepest point. If you can’t then there is a problem with the water treatment regime, resulting in discomfort to users along with damage to plant equipment or the actual fabric of the pool. The Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group has the following to say,

Clarity of pool water is critical. It should be possible to see clearly the detail of the bottom of the pool at its deepest point from the pool surround. If not, this is a sign of deterioration in water quality and could lead to an immediate physical danger to anyone in distress, as well as the likelihood of discomfort to bathers because of the poor condition of the water. Also, it is a sign of ineffective disinfection and similarly if the cause of the cloudy water is ineffective filtration then disinfection will be compromised.

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At Specialist Pools Services, we have a three-step treatment  plan to ensure the water in your swimming pool is crystal clear;

Step 1: Check the filtration system including a clean of the filter, and reestablishing the proper flow rates.

Step 2: Establishing proper swimming pool chemistry water balance.

Step 3: If the swimming pool water is still cloudy after the first two steps, it is likely there are microscopic suspended particles. In this case, we will perform water clarification.

If you would like crystal clear water in your swimming pool then, call us today on 07500 112041 to discuss how Specialist Pools Services could help you.