Swimming in Sunshine… and don’t it feel good!

The maintenance of your pool can be a tricky task, Specialist Pools Services are here to make it easy for you. Over the Summer, it’s important to regularly check the condition of the pool, to ensure it stays in perfect condition, ensuring plenty of use in the Summer months.

Here are our top 4 maintenance tasks:


1) Filter, pump and heating system.  Regularly check to see if there are any cracks or signs of damage.

2) Debris, get rid of it! It’s essential you remove large debris quickly to avoid a build-up If you’re thinking about sprucing up your garden it’s important to dispose of any debris on your pool before taking a swim.

3) Water Levels: Low water level: keep your pool nice and full at all times, especially if you have an automatic cover that sits on top of the surface. This will help you when you vacuum clean. High water level: drain so it doesn’t overflow. Doing this manually might take some time depending on how much there is, so a pump may be required.

4) Test your water quality. Although we love our party-goers, they may bring some uninvited guests to the party; sweat, dirt, oil and sunscreen… just to name a few. The increased amount of pollutants can change your water’s chemistry, which may lead to cloudy water and algae growth in your pool. So test often and treat the water to maintain perfectly clear water in your pool

We have listed just a few ways you can check whether your swimming pool has fallen victim to heavy use during the Summer seasons. However, to get the full care your pool deserves,  please get in touch with our specialists who can ensure that everything is working to its optimal potential. We will chlorine wash your pool, vacuum to remove any debris, dose the water, and check the systems for leaks and any signs of damage. We can also take care of any repairs that may need doing to ensure that you keep your pool up and running in tip-top condition.

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