Ensuring Great Water Quality

Crystal Clear Water equals Great Water Quality

A swimming pool or spa is a major investment and it needs to be kept in the best condition possible, monitoring the water conditions is paramount.

At Specialist Pools Services (SPS), we know crystal clear water is a sign of great water quality and we use the Pooltest 25 Professional plus for all our water testing, as it provides a full range of pool parameters to ensure disinfection control and water balance testing. Professional pool testing should always be carried out with a photometer and the Pooltest 25 Professional Plus is the choice of major international events such as Beijing 2008 and London 2012.

When interviewed for a recent article on water testing, SPS Director Phil Stevens said:

“Compared to a manual comparator, it makes a world of difference. It looks at all elements which contribute to the state of the water, including hydrogen peroxide, ozone and copper. Making the switch has significantly improved testing by providing us with a complete picture of the water’s health. Since we made the switch, we’ve found our accuracy with testing has significantly improved and we now have a complete picture.”

Informing the pool and spa industry since 1959, SPN (Swimming Pool News) is the UK’s longest running and most respected trade title. Produced bi-monthly, the magazine covers swimming pools, covers, enclosures, spas, swim spas, hot tubs, saunas, chemicals, accessories and much, much more!

If your pool or spa water isn’t crystal clear then call us today on 07500 112041, or via our contact form to discuss how Specialist Pools Services could help you.

See the full article in the August 2018 issue of SPN (Swimming Pool News) – link here

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If your pool or spa water isn’t crystal clear then call us today on 07500 112041, or via our contact form to discuss how Specialist Pools Services could help you.

Swimming in Sunshine… and don’t it feel good!

The maintenance of your pool can be a tricky task, Specialist Pools Services are here to make it easy for you. Over the Summer, it’s important to regularly check the condition of the pool, to ensure it stays in perfect condition, ensuring plenty of use in the Summer months.

Here are our top 4 maintenance tasks:


1) Filter, pump and heating system.  Regularly check to see if there are any cracks or signs of damage.

2) Debris, get rid of it! It’s essential you remove large debris quickly to avoid a build-up If you’re thinking about sprucing up your garden it’s important to dispose of any debris on your pool before taking a swim.

3) Water Levels: Low water level: keep your pool nice and full at all times, especially if you have an automatic cover that sits on top of the surface. This will help you when you vacuum clean. High water level: drain so it doesn’t overflow. Doing this manually might take some time depending on how much there is, so a pump may be required.

4) Test your water quality. Although we love our party-goers, they may bring some uninvited guests to the party; sweat, dirt, oil and sunscreen… just to name a few. The increased amount of pollutants can change your water’s chemistry, which may lead to cloudy water and algae growth in your pool. So test often and treat the water to maintain perfectly clear water in your pool

We have listed just a few ways you can check whether your swimming pool has fallen victim to heavy use during the Summer seasons. However, to get the full care your pool deserves,  please get in touch with our specialists who can ensure that everything is working to its optimal potential. We will chlorine wash your pool, vacuum to remove any debris, dose the water, and check the systems for leaks and any signs of damage. We can also take care of any repairs that may need doing to ensure that you keep your pool up and running in tip-top condition.

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If your pool or spa water isn’t crystal clear then call us today on 07500 112041, or via our contact form to discuss how Specialist Pools Services could help you.

The Heat is On, but the water is COLD…

Is your Heat Exchanger working at Optimum Efficiency?

The benefits of having a heat exchanger incorporated into your pool or spa  are two-fold;

•  Your pool will heat quicker, without a heat exchanger fitted the water temperature will rise by just 1-2ºC an hour, the addition of a quality heat exchanger can raise the water temperature by 12ºC an hour. 

Dramatically reduce your fuel costs, the costs of fitting a heat exchanger can typically be recovered in the first few months.

However, without regular maintenance and cleaning a heat exchange can soon lose its efficiency and also cause additional problems resulting in poor water quality. The cooler temperatures in the winter months put an enhanced strain on a heat exchanger, it is therefore imperative that it is working at optimum performance. A service plan from Specialist Pools Services will ensure your heat exchanger is maintained and performing at its best.

Regular Service Plans

Over time, plant room equipment experiences wear and tear and will need to be replaced with new parts or with more technologically advanced products that become available on the market. We will advise you on the best products and solutions for their plant room and then undertake the upgrade to ensure that you benefit from the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly product.

Our regular maintenance plans ensure your pool and spa filters, pumps, heaters and controls achieve optimum performance.

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If you think your pool or spa isn’t reaching temperature then call us today on 07500 112041, or via our contact form to discuss how Specialist Pools Services could help you.

I can see clearly now…

To the bottom of my pool

The most common causes of cloudy swimming pool water are improper filtration, insufficient water circulation or flow rate, poor pool water chemistry.

Properly balanced swimming pool water chemistry is the single most important factor in maintaining a healthy and safe swimming environment. A correct water balance protects bathers and increases the life of the pool plant equipment and fittings.

There are a number of factors that contribute to balancing pool water.

• pH,
• Total Alkalinity,
• Calcium Hardness,
• Temperature,
• Total Dissolved Solids (TDS).

At Specialist Pools Services we know the clarity of pool water is critical. You must be able to see clearly the bottom of the pool at its deepest point. If you can’t then there is a problem with the water treatment regime, resulting in discomfort to users along with damage to plant equipment or the actual fabric of the pool. The Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group has the following to say,

Clarity of pool water is critical. It should be possible to see clearly the detail of the bottom of the pool at its deepest point from the pool surround. If not, this is a sign of deterioration in water quality and could lead to an immediate physical danger to anyone in distress, as well as the likelihood of discomfort to bathers because of the poor condition of the water. Also, it is a sign of ineffective disinfection and similarly if the cause of the cloudy water is ineffective filtration then disinfection will be compromised.

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At Specialist Pools Services, we have a three-step treatment  plan to ensure the water in your swimming pool is crystal clear;

Step 1: Check the filtration system including a clean of the filter, and reestablishing the proper flow rates.

Step 2: Establishing proper swimming pool chemistry water balance.

Step 3: If the swimming pool water is still cloudy after the first two steps, it is likely there are microscopic suspended particles. In this case, we will perform water clarification.

If you would like crystal clear water in your swimming pool then, call us today on 07500 112041 to discuss how Specialist Pools Services could help you.

Is your pool leaking…

Water levels dropping in your pool by more than 5cm a day…

If the water level in your swimming pool or spa is dropping by more than 5 cms in a 24 hour period, you may have a leak. If a leak is not dealt with in a timely manner, then there can be serious consequences. These include possible erosion or subsidence causing serious structural damage to your pool and nearby buildings, resulting in expensive repairs.

At Specialist Pool Services we can quickly locate the cause of the leak and make good a repair, often with minimal impact and frequently done in a day. This is also an ideal time to have your pool serviced.

A real example, a leaking joint in a buried pipe.

Recently, we were called out to an outside pool in a garden in Surrey. The pool was losing 6 cms in a 24 hour period, with the pump running. We were able to locate the cause of the leak, with pinpoint accuracy, a combination of our extensive experience, knowledge and having the right equipment to locate the leak.

The repair was made to a leaking joint on the pipe, we followed this up with a service to ensure the pool was in tip top condition.

Can my Vinyl Swimming Pool Liner be repaired if it has a leak?

When it comes to leaky vinyl swimming pool liners, you have two options either you can repair the leak in the liner or you can purchase a replacement pool liner.

The only problem is, how do you know which is the better option for your pool? When you come across a leak in your vinyl swimming pool liner, there are a number of things to consider that can help you make this decision, two key factors are, the age of the vinyl liner and where the leak is.

We recently replaced a vinyl liner on a pool in the Surrey Hills which had multiple leaks due to the age of the liner.

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Over the years we have repaired many pools and spas, and we can confidently state that having been in the industry for several decades, we have encountered every type of pool imaginable.

If you think your pool or spa may have a leak then call us today on 07500 112041 to discuss how Specialist Pools Services could help you.



New Lights

Replacing Underwater Lights

We have recently replaced the underwater lights at a client’s pool with new stainless steel housings and LED lights. LED lights have many advantages;

cheaper to run, up to 80%,

longer lifetime, on average 5 years plus when run for 12 hours a day,

they don’t heat up.

The most common cause of failure with halogen lights is from heat resulting in pressure building up in the housing, causing the casing to expand around the seals. This allows water to leak into the casing, fusing the bulbs or causing a short circuit and the main distributor board to fail.

Pool Service

Replacing the lights in a pool can easily be combined with an overhaul of the filtration system used in your pool. Our Servicing regime involves;

• monitoring the chemicals in the water to ensure that they are at the required healthy levels,

general cleaning of the pool (e.g. brushing, vacuuming),

• washing and re-grouting mosaic tiles,

• checking the performance of filters and pumps,

cleaning pool covers and surrounding areas.

Providing you with the piece of mind on the quality of the water in your pool and a great looking pool that sparkles.

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Replacing the lights in your pool or spa is a great way to give it a fresh new look, combine this with a full service from Specialist Pools Services and your pool will sparkle, looking better than when it was first commissioned.

Why not give Phil a call today on 07500 112041 to discuss replacing the lights in your pool?