Access for All, inclusive swimming for Disabled People.

Swimming is an important activity for many disabled people, at competition level or purely for recreation. Swimming provides independence and freedom for the physically impaired person who can move independently in water, outside the confines of a wheelchair and without a walking aid or prosthesis.

Hoists are one way of helping wheelchair users to get into the pool. As a Commercial Pool Operator, you should carefully consider the location of the hoists to ensure they are of maximum benefit and do not represent an obstruction to the free movement of pool users and staff.

Under UK law, Commercial Pools must make sure:

  • staff are fully trained and competent in the use of the equipment;
  • the capabilities of the individual are taken into consideration;
  • the equipment is inspected and, if necessary, tested periodically by a competent person to ensure that the hoist can continue to safely lift loads up to its marked safe working load.

At Specialist Pools Services we can ensure that hoists or similar devices are maintained and fit for purpose and staff are properly trained in their use, ensuring safe access for disabled people and your compliance with UK Law and best practice.

We can advise you on all aspects of the requirements and obligations as a Commercial Pool operator to comply with your duties under the Health and Safety at Work Act, as described in the HSE’s Guidance note 174 4th Edition (2018)- Managing Health and Safety in Swimming Pools.

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Who you going to call…

Emergencies happen.

At Specialist Pool Services, we offer a 24-hour emergency response service to get your Swimming Pool or Spa operational as soon as possible – ensuring the impact for your clients is minimal.

New pump installed at a private health club in Hampton, Surrey

Recent Emergency Response

A new pump was installed in less than 20 hours at a private health club in Hampton, Surrey, after the client called us to report their current pump was faulty.

We are proud of our Emergency Response Service

At Specialist Pools Services, our swimming pool engineers have a fully stocked van and with our manpower strategically located, we are ideally positioned to cover London and the surrounding Home Counties, providing a  rapid response to any emergency situations that may arise.

Just contact Phil at Specialist Pools Services to have your facility under our 24-hour Emergency Response Service – providing you with total peace of mind in the event of a Swimming Pool or Spa emergency.

No job is too big or too small for Specialist Pool Services engineers. Our phones are answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Ensuring Great Water Quality

Crystal Clear Water equals Great Water Quality

A swimming pool or spa is a major investment and it needs to be kept in the best condition possible, monitoring the water conditions is paramount.

At Specialist Pools Services (SPS), we know crystal clear water is a sign of great water quality and we use the Pooltest 25 Professional plus for all our water testing, as it provides a full range of pool parameters to ensure disinfection control and water balance testing. Professional pool testing should always be carried out with a photometer and the Pooltest 25 Professional Plus is the choice of major international events such as Beijing 2008 and London 2012.

When interviewed for a recent article on water testing, SPS Director Phil Stevens said:

“Compared to a manual comparator, it makes a world of difference. It looks at all elements which contribute to the state of the water, including hydrogen peroxide, ozone and copper. Making the switch has significantly improved testing by providing us with a complete picture of the water’s health. Since we made the switch, we’ve found our accuracy with testing has significantly improved and we now have a complete picture.”

Informing the pool and spa industry since 1959, SPN (Swimming Pool News) is the UK’s longest running and most respected trade title. Produced bi-monthly, the magazine covers swimming pools, covers, enclosures, spas, swim spas, hot tubs, saunas, chemicals, accessories and much, much more!

If your pool or spa water isn’t crystal clear then call us today on 07500 112041, or via our contact form to discuss how Specialist Pools Services could help you.

See the full article in the August 2018 issue of SPN (Swimming Pool News) – link here

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If your pool or spa water isn’t crystal clear then call us today on 07500 112041, or via our contact form to discuss how Specialist Pools Services could help you.

Planning Permission

Do you need planning permission to build a swimming pool?

The addition of a swimming pool makes an attractive and eye-catching centrepiece to a home. Domestic pools can be built inground or above the ground, indoor or outdoor and by different construction methods, such as vinyl liner, concrete tiled or a one-piece fibreglass shell.

If you are planning on adding an indoor pool to your home inside a new building, known as a pool hall, first check if planning permission for the building will be required. A pool hall, regarded as an outbuilding, to your property is usually considered to be permitted development and does not require an application for planning permission, subject to certain limits and conditions.

Planning permission is not usually required if you want to build an outdoor pool in your garden. This is because swimming pools and pool houses (regarded as an outbuilding) are included in the permitted development rights. So planning permission is not needed subject to certain limits and conditions.

However, if your home or surrounding area is classified as a listed building, a conservation area, green belt land, a national park or any other designated land, you may have to apply for planning permission.

The planning rules and building regulations on indoor swimming pools also apply to hot tubs housing and sauna cabins. Building regulations will need to be adhered to with regards to ventilation.

It is always best to check with your local planning authority to see whether or not you need to make planning application if you want to build a swimming pool, a hot tub or sauna cabin in your garden.

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At Specialist Pools Services we have over 15 years of experience in this area and have always had good relations with planning departments (and in 15 years a 100% success rate to date), so please talk to us on 07500 112041 if you need to discuss further your specific situation.

The Heat is On, but the water is COLD…

Is your Heat Exchanger working at Optimum Efficiency?

The benefits of having a heat exchanger incorporated into your pool or spa  are two-fold;

•  Your pool will heat quicker, without a heat exchanger fitted the water temperature will rise by just 1-2ºC an hour, the addition of a quality heat exchanger can raise the water temperature by 12ºC an hour. 

Dramatically reduce your fuel costs, the costs of fitting a heat exchanger can typically be recovered in the first few months.

However, without regular maintenance and cleaning a heat exchange can soon lose its efficiency and also cause additional problems resulting in poor water quality. The cooler temperatures in the winter months put an enhanced strain on a heat exchanger, it is therefore imperative that it is working at optimum performance. A service plan from Specialist Pools Services will ensure your heat exchanger is maintained and performing at its best.

Regular Service Plans

Over time, plant room equipment experiences wear and tear and will need to be replaced with new parts or with more technologically advanced products that become available on the market. We will advise you on the best products and solutions for their plant room and then undertake the upgrade to ensure that you benefit from the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly product.

Our regular maintenance plans ensure your pool and spa filters, pumps, heaters and controls achieve optimum performance.

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New Lights

Replacing Underwater Lights

We have recently replaced the underwater lights at a client’s pool with new stainless steel housings and LED lights. LED lights have many advantages;

cheaper to run, up to 80%,

longer lifetime, on average 5 years plus when run for 12 hours a day,

they don’t heat up.

The most common cause of failure with halogen lights is from heat resulting in pressure building up in the housing, causing the casing to expand around the seals. This allows water to leak into the casing, fusing the bulbs or causing a short circuit and the main distributor board to fail.

Pool Service

Replacing the lights in a pool can easily be combined with an overhaul of the filtration system used in your pool. Our Servicing regime involves;

• monitoring the chemicals in the water to ensure that they are at the required healthy levels,

general cleaning of the pool (e.g. brushing, vacuuming),

• washing and re-grouting mosaic tiles,

• checking the performance of filters and pumps,

cleaning pool covers and surrounding areas.

Providing you with the piece of mind on the quality of the water in your pool and a great looking pool that sparkles.

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Replacing the lights in your pool or spa is a great way to give it a fresh new look, combine this with a full service from Specialist Pools Services and your pool will sparkle, looking better than when it was first commissioned.

Why not give Phil a call today on 07500 112041 to discuss replacing the lights in your pool?