The Heat is On, but the water is COLD…

Is your Heat Exchanger working at Optimum Efficiency?

The benefits of having a heat exchanger incorporated into your pool or spa  are two-fold;

•  Your pool will heat quicker, without a heat exchanger fitted the water temperature will rise by just 1-2ºC an hour, the addition of a quality heat exchanger can raise the water temperature by 12ºC an hour. 

Dramatically reduce your fuel costs, the costs of fitting a heat exchanger can typically be recovered in the first few months.

However, without regular maintenance and cleaning a heat exchange can soon lose its efficiency and also cause additional problems resulting in poor water quality. The cooler temperatures in the winter months put an enhanced strain on a heat exchanger, it is therefore imperative that it is working at optimum performance. A service plan from Specialist Pools Services will ensure your heat exchanger is maintained and performing at its best.

Regular Service Plans

Over time, plant room equipment experiences wear and tear and will need to be replaced with new parts or with more technologically advanced products that become available on the market. We will advise you on the best products and solutions for their plant room and then undertake the upgrade to ensure that you benefit from the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly product.

Our regular maintenance plans ensure your pool and spa filters, pumps, heaters and controls achieve optimum performance.

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